Saman Bibi
1 min readJun 12, 2021


Visualizing Your Experience

My University Library reminds me of my first 2 weeks at Amal Academy.I Tried to talk in english . It’s our first time to take a class with video and try to make a good view in camera. Location should be best. Try to focus on lectures but all my friends come again and again and distract me but I find it very relaxing in this way that I am selected in amal academy. It was my passion at that time to become the alumni of Amal Academy. I talked about a super power that requires me to complete my life. I want to get power in eyes that when I see towards issues, Issues resolve only due to seeing toward issues

My smart phone is not good at taking pictures. I used my friend’s mobile for pictures. Different camera app are good for taking pictures

Tips & Tricks to Take Good Photos With Your Phone:

Use gridlines to balance your shot.

Set your camera’s focus.

Focus on one subject.

Embrace negative space.

Find different perspectives.

Play with reflections.

Use leading lines.

Look for symmetry.

I felt very good during classes. I feel that now I am in the right to achieve my goals.No one can stop me in achieving my goals.